Download TweetDeck 2.1.0 OS X with Photo and Player Cards

Users can edit search column query in column options, use 'n' for new Tweets

Twitter Inc. has released TweetDeck 2.1.0 for Mac OS X, a new version of its newly-acquired desktop client that now supports Twitter photo and player cards.

The new TweetDeck lets you edit search column query in column options, use 'n' as a keyboard shortcut to open a new Tweet, and use 'Cmd+Enter' to send Tweets.

The update also fixes profiles not loading under certain circumstances, adds fixes for Retina displays, and addresses an additional 70 other issues.

Twitter Inc. is no longer updating its original desktop application, but third-party developers are taking matters into their own hands. For instance, a developer recently rolled out a patch that Retina Mac users can apply to make the app display crystal clear on their high-density displays.

TweetDeck requires Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later.

Download TweetDeck OS X (Free)

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