Download Transmission 2.74 OS X

New fixes and tweaks for the most popular Torrent client on the Mac

Peer-to-peer file sharing is as popular as ever and Transmission is becoming an even better P2P platform with each new release. Version 2.7.4 is out now with a few updates, including some changes for OS X users.

A bug that prevented IPv6 addresses from being saved in dht.dat has been fixed for all supported platforms, including OS X. The application should now handle magnet links better, and it should detect whether or not a peer supports uTP connections.

For Mac customers only, Transmission’s auto-grouping won't apply until torrents are demagnetized. The developers tweaked the “inspector” and “add” window's file lists to avoid auto-hiding scrollbars overlapping the priority controls.

A potential crash when downloading and seeding complete at the same time has been addressed. The same goes for a bug where stopped torrents might resume downloading / seeding when waking the Mac from sleep. A few web client updates are also mentioned in the changelog.

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