Download TeamViewer iOS 8.0 for Remote Control

Optimized for iPhone 5, audio support over LAN connections, and more

Collaboration software TeamViewer now offers iPhone 5 support, new audio features, and the ability to change input methods within a running session, these being just a handful of the new additions in version 8.0 for iOS.

After releasing a similar update for desktop users on the Mac, TeamViewer GmbH is now releasing a new version of its iOS client Remote Control.

TeamViewer for Remote Control iOS 8.0 has been optimized for the iPhone 5 and lets you listen to the sound of the remote computer (remote audio) over LAN connections.

To right-click on an item, users can now press and hold on the touchscreen. Zooming uses a pinching gesture.

The updated app shows all groups and connection partners within the Computers & Contacts-list again, and fixes bugs with in-app Instructions, the wrong positioning of the mouse cursor, and several others.

For iPad customers in particular, TeamViewer for Remote Control 8.0 offers the ability to adjust the screen resolution even in Touch mode; “however, we recommend using “Best fit” (default for Touch mode),” says the developer.

Download TeamViewer for Remote Control (iPhone)

Download TeamViewer HD for Remote Control (iPad)

Download TeamViewer Pro for Remote Control (iPhone)

Download TeamViewer Pro HD for Remote Control (iPad)

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