Download Sparrow 1.3.3 for iPhone 5

Passbook support enables users to open Passbook attachments from the app

The widely-popular email client Sparrow is now optimized for the iPhone 5’s all-new 4-inch Retina display. The updated app also comes with Passbook support. More on that below.

Developer Dinh Viet Hoa recently revealed that Apple had rejected an update to Sparrow, prompting him to submit a new binary that required iOS 6 to support a Rich Text feature.

Whether or not that’s the case in Sparrow 1.3.3, today’s changelog only mentions iPhone 5 support and the ability to open Passbook attachments in the new Passbook app introduced by Apple with iOS 6.

The OS requirements still include version 5.0 of Apple’s mobile operating system, meaning everything from iPhone 3GS and above goes. Fans of the iPhone email client can download the updated build below.

Download Sparrow iOS (Free)

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