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Geo-social Internet radio service updated with performance improvements

Soundtracker Radio, the popular geo-social radio service that takes cues from Pandora and Facebook, now features a full-screen map view on iPads, as well as performance improvements for all iOS devices.

Apple once said that “if Pandora and Facebook had a baby, it would be Soundtracker Radio,” and South Ventures USA LLC proudly upholds this in their app’s description on iTunes.

The free app lets you discover and play music in real time with your friends. You can use it to comment on your friends' stations, chat, check their music, and more. And with the latest version of the app, iPad users get to send maps into full-screen mode.

Several performance improvements have been made as well. This touches all platforms (iPhone, iPod touch) not just the iPad.

Download Soundtracker Radio iOS (Free)

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