Download Smug BSOD Wallpaper for iPad

Renowned Windows OS error makes a nice iPad wallpaper

The infamous Blue Screen of Death from Microsoft’s Windows operating system has become such a landmark that you can actually download it as a wallpaper for your iPad now.

Apple fanatics who like to put on a smug face whenever their Windows buddies are around can now use the BSOD error as wallpaper for their shiny iPads.

This in-your-face wallpaper is also destined to switchers – those who saw the light eventually and moved onto the Mac, according to OS X Daily, which got the image off Twitter.

Some will undoubtedly find this reasoning as unnecessary, as the BSOD wallpaper is really just an image that you can upload to your tablet and use it for whatever you want.

Microsoft tablet owners are probably just as entitled to download an image of the Apple spinning beach ball and use it as a screen saver. It’s all just a matter of taste.

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