Download Skype 6.3 for Mac OS X

Numerous tweaks and fixes for the popular video chatting service

Skype 6.3 is out for Mac with a bunch of tweaks and fixes, as well as enhancements to some of the app’s existing features. Skype is a free download for all Mac users.

The new version makes it easier to save a new number to any existing contact, and you can now create a line break by pressing Shift+Enter during message editing.

The “Add Contact Number” popover will be closed now when a conversation is switched using the keyboard shortcut Option+Command+Left/Right arrow key.

When scrolling with arrow keys, the grid contact list will move. The ability to edit a contact with a full name and a custom nickname has been added, and the Calling toolbar will stay open while “+” sub menu is expanded, according to the developers.

The notification system has been fixed, allowing your contacts’ birthday notifications to pop out as expected. More changes are also included (see the full changelog here).

Download Skype for Mac OS X (Free)

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