Download Skyfire Web Browser for iPad 5.0

Engage or disengage Skyfire features found in the Skyfire toolbar

Fans of the Skyfire Web Browser for iPad will be delighted to learn that the new 5.0 version released this week adds Horizon functionality, tailor-made Browsing, and a bunch of fixes that will make web surfing more pleasant than ever before.

Upon popular request, Skyfire users can now engage or disengage certain features found in the Skyfire toolbar, as well as include their own add-ons, in what looks like the first baby steps towards browser extensions on mobile platforms.

Skyfire Horizon, as the new feature is called, allows users to toggle on or off some toolbar buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon, Pinterest, Readability, Groupon, ESPN, OMG!, and Google reader.

Users can now customize their browsing experience by adding their own favorite content to Horizon – “Simply click the ‘Add’ button in the Horizon toolbar and you can pin your favorite bookmark, shortcut or in-browser API to take your browsing to the next level,” explains Skyfire Labs.

Download Skyfire Web Browser for iPad

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