Download Skyfire Web Browser 5.0.2 for iPad

Users can now turn off the Skyfire toolbar and social media/sharing elements

As promised, Skyfire Labs, Inc. has released a new update to its popular web browser for iPad users offering the option to disable the toolbar and the social/sharing add-ons.

Skyfire Web Browser version 5.0.2 has been released only for iPad customers with a single change – it adds the option to turn off the Skyfire toolbar and social media/sharing elements, according to its makers.

The Skyfire Horizon toolbar is the first contextual toolbar ever to be used in a mobile browser. What’s cool about it is that the web apps you select are instantly featured in your own Skyfire Horizon toolbar and they can react to the page and the content you are browsing, if they find a match.

The toolbar offers “amazing browsing tools, enhancements, recommendations and search improvements never before available to a mobile browser,” according to the folks at Skyfire Labs.

Download Skyfire Web Browser for iPad

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