Download SQLite Professional for OS X – Free for a Limited Time

“This is your chance to get an amazing SQLite editor for no cost”

Hankinsoft Development Inc. has released SQLite Professional, a new developer tool for OS X coders. The SQLite editor is offered as a free download for a limited time.

Available immediately from the Mac App Store, SQLite Professional is a handy SQLite editor which features version integration (for mucked databases); semiautomatic dependency resolution; column reordering; the ability to export data to csv, mysql, xml or json; fullscreen support; and inline filters for customizing the way your data is displayed.

Hankinsoft Development says this is just the 1.0 release of the software, which probably means there will be some bugs. “This is why the application is free for the first few days. If you are looking for perfect software, then this application is not for you,” according to the developer.

Also worth noting is that this initial release doesn’t support databases that include foreign keys or triggers. But for those who install the app now, future updates will be free.

Download SQLite Professional for Mac

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