Download SHADOWGUN: DeadZone 1.1.0 with New Maps

New weapon upgrades, gangs (play with friends), and more

SHADOWGUN: DeadZone, one of the sharpest shooters on iOS, has been updated with exclusive content featuring new maps, new weapon upgrades, new chatting features, new hats, and more.

SHADOWGUN: DeadZone 1.1.0 remains a free download for all iDevices packing at least 512MB of RAM and brings two new maps, extra weapon upgrades, and the ability to chat in the main menu.

There’s more! You now get to gang up and play with friends online, put on some new hats, get rewards for Finishing Zone Control or DeathMatch, and see your rank go as high as 50.

A few gameplay tweaks are also mentioned, such as the redesigned Weapons Stats and Weapons & Gadgets limited by ranks.

In the bug-fix department, developer MADFINGER Games mentions improved hit detection, fixes VoiceChat and Network Code, renderer optimizations, and fixed wall exploits in some levels.

The company even teases the next update (1.2.0) which will deliver a new CTF mode where Apple players will go head-to-head with Android users. A few new maps, weapons and gadgets are also coming.

The requirements list mentions the iPhone 3GS and iPod touch (3rd generation), though I’m pretty sure those two device models are out (if the RAM requirement holds water).

Download SHADOWGUN: DeadZone (Free)

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