Download Puffin Web Browser iOS 2.3.5

Improve new tab speed and most-visited-sites page loading speed

Puffin Web Browser by CloudMosa has been updated on iOS platforms with improved tab speed, new settings options, javascript tweaks, and bug fixes that promise to enhance you Internet surfing experience tenfold.

Allegedly the fastest web browser for iOS platforms, Puffin Web Browser version 2.3.5 improves new tab speed and the loading speed of the most-visited-sites page. It includes new settings options to disable double-tap-zoom, and to reset the default wallpaper.

The new version allows javascript and data schemes in bookmarks and fixes a truckload of bugs, including one that prevented some Flash videos from playing in fullscreen mode.

A fix is also available for a bug affecting sound in Flash videos, and one that prevented puffing from connecting to servers. Another error causing the browser to fail to create bookmarks in specified folders is addressed as well.

Download Puffin Web Browser iOS

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