Download Puffin Web Browser 2.3.8 for iPhone and iPad

New release from CloudMosa fixes iOS 6.1 crash bug at launch

Puffin Web Browser 2.3.8 is out in the iTunes App Store with fixes that resolve some crashing bugs. The update is free for all existing users of the software.

Puffin Browser achieves rapid page loading speeds by leveraging a massive cloud computing data center to pre-process web content.

“The remote-browser technology is so amazing that not only does it accelerate page rendering speed but also reduces network data usage. Puffin's speed is far superior to the built-in browsers, even more so on slower mobile connections,” according to CloudMosa, the developers.

Updated on Valentine’s day when everyone was to busy kissing to notice, Puffin Web Browser 2.3.8 fixes a crashing bug that occurred on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices running iOS 6.1.

Affected users are encouraged to download the new version as soon as possible.

Download Puffin Web Browser

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