Download ProCamera iOS 4.0.1

Over one million photos are taken with ProCamera every day, says Jens Daemgen

Developer Jens Daemgen has released a new version of his ProCamera iOS app for iPhone and iPad users, throwing in some much needed bug fixes, as well as a couple of tweaks.

Mr. Daemgen says his three-dollar app (€2.49) churns out over one million photos every single day. Not too shabby, Jens!

The reason why ProCamera is so popular is simple. It doesn’t just offer filters and a cropping feature, like most apps of its kind. No sir. ProCamera is like a studio on two legs (your legs) which combines photography, videography, photo editing, social sharing, and code scanning.

Jens says his apps is “specialized in getting the best image quality out of the camera and providing the most useful tools for iPhoneographers.”

Version 4.0.1 brings bug fixes, a tweak to the pinch-to-zoom function (now ON by default again, probably by popular demand), and a “persistent” capture format.

You can download the new ProCamera for your iOS 5 device at the link below.

Download ProCamera iOS

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