Download PS3 Cheats iOS 5.0 – Over 1,000 Games Supported

Cheat codes and game tips for your favorite PS3 games

Developer 3ight LLC is proud to announce a sale on its PS3 Cheats iOS app which contains exactly what its name says it does – cheat codes for the PlayStation 3 console by Sony Computer Entertainment.

For one reason or another, the 50% off deal touted by 3ight LLC has actually translated into a $0 price tag. We recommend you keep all questions to yourselves and just head over to the download link below.

Jokes aside, the developer is probably feeling very generous and has decided to completely cut the purchase price for its “ultimate collection of Playstation 3 Cheats and Tips for all your favorite Games!”

I can’t confirm if the latest Far Cry installment has all its cheats in there because I haven’t had the time to test it out yet. But you can go ahead and see for yourself. Version 5.0 comes with “update[d] cheat codes,” so you’re definitely in for some new stuff (would it kill them to list the game titles for the new cheats?).

Download PS3 Cheats iOS (Free)

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