Download Mozilla Firefox 28 Beta 7

New beta release of the Firefox browser for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Users of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser today have a new beta update to install, should they feel an itch to test out a potentially unstable build of their favorite web surfing tool.

Mozilla today rolled out Firefox 28.0b7. In layman’s terms, that’s the seventh beta of Firefox 28, an upcoming major update to the popular web browser. The release is public, meaning it’s available to anyone with an adventurous spirit, but it’s not recommended for productivity purposes because it may contain one or more bugs that can hinder a good experience.

For work-related tasks, customers are advised to always go for the latest Stable build which, at the time of this writing, is Mozilla Firefox 27.0.1.

Firefox 28 brings one notable feature to the Windows 8 camp: Touch Preview, which supports Touch and Swipe gestures, including pinch-to-zoom and one-touch swipe transitions, as well as one-tap access to Top Sites, Bookmarks, and History.

The Gamepad API has been finalized and enabled, although more work needs to be done on this front before the integration becomes fully stable and reliable, and Mac OS X users can see their Firefox notifications pop up in Notification Center. Other notable features in this beta include volume control for HTML5 audio and video, support for Opus in WebM, VP9 video decoding implementation, and more.

Download Mozilla Firefox 28 beta 7 for Mac OS X

Download Mozilla Firefox 28 beta 7 for Windows

Download Mozilla Firefox 28 beta 7 for Linux

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