Download Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 9

New beta release packs the usual bag of fixes and improvements

Scheduled to reach Stable status later this month, Mozilla Firefox 28 has reached its ninth beta featuring the usual fixes and improvements for eager testers of the browser on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux computers.

Firefox 28 Stable is scheduled to poke its head out of Mozilla’s servers on March 17 to my knowledge, which leaves a ten-day gap between today’s Beta 9 release and the scheduled launch of the final version. This means at least a couple more betas are on the way, so take your time testing the new features.

As usual, this latest Firefox beta doesn’t shock us with any new additions or radical UI changes, but instead offers fixes for some of the most common bugs and minor interface tweaks (and by minor I mean almost invisible to the untrained eye).

The final build will most likely include some security fixes, none of which are mentioned in the beta’s changelog for (you guessed it) security reasons. You don’t want cybercriminals knowing what to exploit in your computer, do you now?

Softpedia readers can grab the newest Firefox betas at the links below, but for work-related tasks I highly recommend downloading the latest Stable build for your respective OS. Enjoy!

Download Download Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 9 for Mac OS X

Download Download Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 9 for Windows

Download Download Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 9 for Linux

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