Download Minecraft for PowerPC 1.4.6

Native launcher app for PowerPC users looking to play the popular building game

Developer Mike Wild is doing some good to Mac users still stuck in the PowerPC era looking to play Minecraft properly. He coded up a PPC-compatible launcher for the popular Java-based building game by Mojang.

Minecraft for PowerPC is basically just an installer which allows you to launch the popular Minecraft game on PowerPC Macintosh computers. Apple has abandoned the PPC processor architecture a long time ago, but many users still reap the benefits of a G4 or G5 iMac for their daily computing needs.

Minecraft for PowerPC forces the building game to run on PowerPC processors despite that fact that it normally only runs on Intel Macs. Mike explains: “Despite the fact that Minecraft is a Java app and will run on most platforms, the OSX launcher app is not compatible with PowerPC Macs.”

“For those of you who would prefer a more tidy solution to messing around with bash scripts to launch the jar with the correct options, I have created this native launcher. Enjoy!”

Download Minecraft for PowerPC (Free)

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