Download Minecraft Pocket Edition iOS for Free, Join the 10 Million Who Already Bought It

Mojang confirms 10 million downloads milestone, promises update

Mojang has confirmed that its insanely-popular open-world crafting game has reached 10 million downloads on mobile platforms. A free version is available to download for newcomers.

Mojang's Daniel Kaplan announced the 10 million download millstone this week, saying, “We are very thankful to all the support that we have gotten and people playing and talking about our game.”

Kaplan added, “So...I know what you are thinking. 'Yeah, 10m is cool but where is the next update?' We have been working hard on restructuring the backend of a lot of things for Minecraft - Pocket Edition to make future updates smoother.”

Minecraft – Pocket Edition sells for $6.99 / €5,99 on the iTunes App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The game runs natively on all iDevice models and requires only iOS 4.3. A free (lite) version is available for download for those who haven't experienced the game yet.

We'll give you guys a heads up the minute that update rolls out. In the meantime, you can grab Minecraft – Pocket Edition at the links below.

Download Minecraft – Pocket Edition iOS

Download Minecraft – Pocket Edition Lite iOS

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