Download Minecraft – Pocket Edition 0.7.0 iOS

Update delivers Alpha of Realms servers, new items, chat, new menus

The insanely popular open-world mining and crafting game Minecraft has been promoted to version 0.7.0 for iDevices this week. The iOS installment gets new items, as well as new server updates.

Minecraft Version 0.7.0 for iPhone and iPad gets Alpha of Realms servers, buckets, fire, smooth lighting, spawn eggs, chat, egg, milk, and cake, and new menus. Also new, connecting players’ inventory is now saved on server, according to Mojang.

For those who haven’t updated their pocket-edition Minecraft in a while, the most recent (major) update added the iconic Creepers, described by Mojang as “big, green, mean and explody.”

Other recently added enhancements include support for the iPhone 5’s widescreen display, the ability to cook (as well as to starve), swords, bows, TNT, armor, chests, skeletons, spiders, beds, paintings, and lots more things.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS

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