Download Minecraft OS X 1.4.5 Pre

Following 1.4.4 release, Minecraft fans already get a new build to test out

Less than a day into releasing Minecraft 1.4.4 Final for Macs and Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.5.0 for iOS, Mojang has rolled out yet another (pre-release) version for gamers to test out.

Minecraft 1.4.5 Pre is a beta version of the upcoming incremental release for Mac players. Mojang says little about the purpose of the update, mentioning only that it has fixed some bugs.

According to the development studio behind the widely-popular building game, “A number of SMP related issues were addressed here - crashing when entering certain servers, baby villagers only being farmers, and issues with spawning baby wolves, among others.”

As usual, existing players can download the latest Minecraft build via Softpedia using the link provided below. Requirements include Java 1.6 or later and a whole gigabyte of RAM.

The free version of the game lasts 5 game days per world and doesn’t do multiplayer.

Download Minecraft OS X

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