Download Minecraft 1.7.8 for Mac, Windows, Linux

Update fixes player skulls UUID compatibility, skin problems, and more

Yet another update has been released for Minecraft players today, this time to address a few skin problems, player skulls UUID compatibility, server woes, etc. The update is the third of its kind since the emergence of the “Heartbleed” bug that prompted Mojang to halt server activity and advise players to change their passwords.

The third in a string of updates released this week, Minecraft 1.7.8 foregoes new features for fixes across the board. Mojang notes in a rather geeky changelog that “NBT tag SkullOwner was of wrong type,” and therefore caused player skulls UUID compatibility to be incomplete. This bug should be addressed in the new version.

The invert mouse setting defaults when closing and reopening, something that apparently got messed up in the 1.7.7 update released yesterday. Any skin problems you may have encountered in the previous version should also be gone.

The release notes also say, “Staying on a server for more than 24 hours crashes everyone.” It isn’t clear if this remains a known issue or a fixed bug, but I’m assuming it’s the latter scenario. As usual, the Mac, Windows, and Linux downloads can be found below.

Download Minecraft 1.7.8 for Mac OS X

Download Minecraft 1.7.8 for Windows

Download Minecraft 1.7.8 for Linux

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