Download Minecraft 1.6.4 for Mac OS X

It fixes some Minecraft Realms related issues, problems with structure saving

Mojang has quietly rolled out a Minecraft update for Mac users addressing bugs in the game. The release notes were hard to come by (and may not be entirely accurate), but the update is as real as it can get.

Although Mojang makes it difficult to determine what Minecraft 1.6.4 does in particular, according to a Reddit thread this update addresses a number of bugs, including some issues with structures, and some Realms-related issues.

Nothing official or anything like that, but it’s something to go by. Gamers can either wait for the official announcement from Mojang or jump straight to the download via the link I’ve provided below.

Those of you downloading Minecraft for the first time need to ensure that you have Java 1.6 or later installed, and roughly 1GB of RAM.

Download Minecraft for Mac OS X (Free)

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