Download Minecraft 1.4.7 OS X with Multiplayer Fixes

Update addresses a multiplayer crash when using fireworks

Mojang is out with a new version of Minecraft for OS X which sadly doesn’t deliver many goodies, but does some healing instead. Players who’ve experienced some trouble when firing arrows and fireworks may be interested in this release.

The latest version of Minecraft for Macs focuses on bugs. Apparently there have been some crash reports related to arrows fired from dispensers, as well as some multiplayer crashes when using fireworks without a fireworks star.

Both these errors are addressed in the new Minecraft 1.4.7 for OS X computers, according to Mojang.

A third bug fix is also mentioned in the admittedly short changelog. The update addresses a long timeout when checking SRV records.

Minecraft requires Java, an Intel PC (though a PPC version is also available now), and plenty of RAM (at least 1 GB). Download the new build at the link below.

Download Minecraft for Mac

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