Download Minecraft 1.4.6 OS X with Firework Star

Create Firework Rockets, enchant items, use Nether Brick Slabs

Minecraft fans rejoice! Mojang has issued a new update for you guys just in time for the Winter Holidays adding new blocks and items, improved enchantments, new notice features and a ton of bug fixes.

One of the most popular games of its kind, Minecraft on the Mac has been promoted to version 1.4.6 this week, bringing new blocks and items, a Firework Rocket, a Firework Star (to create Firework Rockets), Enchanted Books for enchanting items, Nether Brick Slabs, and new chest textures for Christmas.

Gameplay additions include some improved enchantments and drops, as well as improved block placement on chests, crafting tables, furnaces, beacons, anvils, enchantment tables, and brewing stands.

New notice features will also be “noticed” by avid players of Minecraft, alongside some well-deserved bug fixes for perfectionist gamers.

For instance, the update fixes an error involving the wrong positioning of the mouse in full screen, as well as bugs causing mobs to walk slowly when you hit them. Check out all the changes in the full release notes here, and download the game at the link below.

Download Minecraft for Mac

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