Download Minecraft 1.4.4 OS X

Over 120 bugs and glitches fixed, says developer Mojang

Mojang has launched the final (stable) version of Minecraft 1.4.4 for Mac gamers, fixing over 120 bugs and glitches in the immensely popular Java-based building game.

On the Minecraft News page, the developer points to a handful of notable changes.

The missing song “where are we now” is now available (but called “wait”), and damage caused by random falling due to lag has been fixed.

The same goes for incurring damage when riding minecarts. The enchanted book exploit has also been patched, and slimes now have the correct collision box.

Finally, signs no longer lose their text client-side, according to Mojang. For the rest of the (mile-long) changelog, visit this address.

Minecraft 1.4.4 requires a decently-specced Mac with Java 1.6 or later and 1 GB of RAM. The free (demo version) lasts 5 game days per world and is single-player-only.

Download Minecraft 1.4.4 OS X

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