Download Memory Free Pro OS X for $0 – Down from $10 / €8

Fangcheng Yin slashes the price on its memory utility to nothing

Memory Free Pro, a handy tool that lets you view your free memory in real time as well as purge it with just one click, has just gone free. Considering that it used to sell for 10 bucks (around €8), the deal is not too shabby.

A simple click on Memory Free Pro’s menu bar status will reveal the amount of free memory, active memory, inactive memory, wired memory, used memory, and the full amount of accessible RAM you have on your Mac.

In the preferences, users are greeted by a big button that reads “Optimize Memory.” Once you press it, the software purges all your memory freeing it from stuck processes.

You can also tell the app to show the amount of memory in the status bar, show the percentage, and an image representation of the amount of RAM you have freed.

Download Memory Free Pro for Mac (Free)

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