Download Man of Steel for iPhone and iPad

The official game of the Man of Steel movie is live for iOS devices

Warner Bros. is out with its official Man of Steel game for iPhone and iPad users. The game follows the events in the film, where General Zod has begun the invasion of Earth.

As always, players need to use the super powers of the protagonist to fight their way to victory and save the planet from destruction.

There’s a lot of mid-air fighting in this game, reminiscent of the Dragon Ball Z series on PlayStation 2. The features list touts some “amazing graphics,” but what I’ve seen can be described as decent at best.

Any iDevice that is capable of running iOS 5 can also run Man of Steel. However, the developers note that “This game has been optimized for iPhone 4S and iPod touch (5th gen) or newer.”

Another problem I have with this game is the price: $2.99 / €2.69 on iPhone and iPod touch and $4.99 / €4.49 on iPad. A bit too much for what Man of Steel has to offer graphics-wise. After all, iOS games are not console games. You can finish some of these titles with one trip to the gents’ room.

Download Man of Steel for iPhone and iPod touch

Download Man of Steel HD for iPad

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