Download Kingdoms Fall for iPhone and iPad

A game that's all about tricky puzzles and intense boss battles

Last Life Games LLC has released a new game for iPhone and iPad users featuring dungeons, tricky puzzles, and intense boss fights, all to save your kingdom from the dark forces of evil.

The plot may not be the upmost original one but the game looks like fun, and it’s on sale for a limited time ($0.99 / €0.89).

Kingdoms Fall features an open world where you venture into the realm's darkest dungeons and try to find items like the Boomerang, Bombs, Grappling Hook, and Fire Wand to be able to beat tricky puzzles and survive boss battles.

The game has been exclusively designed for touch controls, although there have been some complaints regarding the zoom level/buttons being a tad too small on the iPad mini.

Last Life Games says “We are working hard to address this for our next update. Thank you for your patience.”

No in-app purchases in this one, so you can safely journey ahead knowing that you play what you paid for. The game works natively on all iDevices with iOS 6 installed.

Download Kingdoms Fall for iPhone and iPad

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