Download Karateka iOS – Spinoff Based on Jordan Mechner’s Apple II Original

The developer promises to charm you with a classic love story set in feudal Japan

The side-scrolling karate classic game originally deployed by Jordan Mechner on the Apple II, Karateka, is now available on iPhone and iPad with new 3D graphics and exciting gameplay mechanics.

Karateka features a classic love story set in feudal Japan where players must fight to save Mariko from the evil warlord Akuma and reunite her with the love of her heart.

If this sounds familiar, know that Jordan Mechner also developed the original Prince of Persia, which boasts a similar storyline – basically judogis were replaced with turbans in this one.

So anyway, if you’re a nostalgic fan of the side-scrolling fighter Karateka, visit the App Store at the link below and download the $2.99 / €2.59 app for your iDevice right now.

The universal app requires iOS 4.0 or later and works with pretty much all iDevices starting at iPhone 3GS. Also check out the video above where Mechner shows off the game.

Download Karateka iOS

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