Download Ice Age Village for iPhone/iPad 1.1.6

The update brings new animals and habitats, quests, customization

Gameloft has released a new version of its Ice Age-themed village building game adding three new animals, new habitats, customization options, and more quests.

Ice Age Village 1.1.6 has a rather confusing changelog which states that 3 animals are coming to your village – Cacops, Iguanodon, and Dimetrodon – and then adds that four others are joining the pack, including the Purple Troodon and Gray T-Rex.

Why not squeeze them all in the same sentence? It's not like they're going to eat each other.

5 new habitats are also included, to give all the new animals a home, including the Ice Plateaus and Lava, and if you plant the Hyrax Tree in your village you’ll win some hearts.

You can now customize your habitats and there are new quests to be had, “even some new quest types for more surprising adventures,” says Gameloft. Also new, Game Center is now supported.

Download Ice Age Village for iPhone and iPad (Free)

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