Download Google Chrome for iOS 7

The new Google Chrome is compatible with the latest iOS versions

Chrome has rolled out a brand new update for its iOS app just in time for the new iOS 7.

The app works both on iPhone and iPad and comes with a new design, as well as improvements to the full screen experience on the Apple tablet.

Google has also made it easier for users to switch between Chrome and other Google apps on the mobile device. For instance, if you sign in on the iPhone or iPad, the next time a Google app is opened, login can be done through a simple click.

Links from Chrome leading to any of the other Google service open in their respective apps, such as YouTube, Maps, Gmail, Drive or Google+.

The new iOS Chrome app also comes with an improved voice search, the company brags, by letting users string together multiple voice searches with pronouns to get results faster. “For example, a voice search for “Who is the president of the United States?” followed by “Where did he go to school?”, lists all the schools President Barack Obama attended (all the way back to elementary school!),” a blog post reads.

You can also download the new Google Chrome iOS app from Softpedia

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