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iPhone 5 support, zoom tournaments, run-it-twice, sit out next big blind

The immensely popular PokerStars iOS app is now fully compatible with iPhone 5 handsets, and includes run-it-twice support, “zoom tournaments,” ChromeStar VIP level, and more.

Poker fans looking to play in the world’s biggest virtual poker room will be glad to know that Free Poker by PokerStars now comes with a few additional perks that make the experience even more worthwhile.

First off, the developers say you can now enjoy a full-screen experience on devices with four-inch displays. That includes the iPhone 5 and the 5th-generation iPod touch. It was about time. The devices have only been around for half a year now.

The app also has “Run It Twice” support: “see, and play, two different outcomes of a hand.”

Zoom tournaments are now available, and you can now rise through the VIP levels with the new ChromeStar rating. In this update, you also get the option to sit out the next big blind.

Download Free Poker by PokerStars iOS (Free)

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