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“Find the places your friends love with Foursquare,” says the developer

The Foursquare iPhone app is now more tightly integrated with your friends. Instead of serving up a stranger’s recommendations, Foursquare 5.4.1 can give you more valuable advice based on your friends’ impressions.

With over 25 million people using Foursquare, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to rely on some recommendations. For example, food. Everyone has their own taste, so getting advice on this topic can conflict with your own interests.

Enter Foursquare version 5.4.1 which pops out recommendations from friends. When you're looking for a place to go eat, a friend’s tip is ten times more helpful than a lengthy review from a stranger, according to Foursquare Labs.

The new release makes it easier to add friends and see their recommendations, “so you don't have to call all your local buddies when you want to remember the name of that amazing Chinese restaurant that somebody mentioned a few weeks back (It was Fu Run! Get the lamb chops and caramelized taro cubes!).”

Users can navigate to settings on the profile tab and tap “Find Friends” in order to find and invite friends on Foursquare.

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