Download Flappy Bird 1.0 for OS X

The annoying bird lives on through poorly-crafted port

If you’re yet to play Flappy Bird and have been enticed by all the commotion surrounding its demise, you can now download a desktop version of the game.

Created by Sonee John, Flappy Bird 1.0 for Mac OS X is not the real deal. I repeat: not the real deal. The physics aren’t the same, the sounds aren’t the same, though the graphics seem to be on par with the original. It’s not the worst Flappy Bird knockoff, I’ll give Sonee that.

The requirements are practically inexistent, though apparently you need OS X Lion to play it (for one reason or another). The DMG is just 3.5 MB in size, and all you need to play the game is a mouse.

Here’s a handy tip: don’t turn up the volume in your headphones or you’ll jump off your chair the first time you crash that wretched bird into a pipe. And believe me, you will.

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