Download Facebook Messenger 2.1 iOS with Voice Calls

Send a quick voice message or call friends for free right from the app

Facebook Messenger, the text messaging app for everyone’s favorite social network, is now a full-fledged communications tool that also supports voice calls, much like Skype, WhatsApp, and other IM clients.

Facebook Messenger version 2.1 allows users to send quick voice messages when they have more to say and no time to type. Some minor improvements and bug fixes are incorporated in this release as well.

Most importantly, though, the update brings the ability to call friends for free right from Facebook Messenger.

As it is the case with Skype and other VoIP apps, the free calling feature will use your existing data plan, and you’ll be calling people for free only as long as they have Facebook Messenger installed as well.

Facebook says that while they’ve added voice calling support in the app itself, the feature won’t be immediately available.

“Free calling uses your existing data plan, and will be rolling out over the next few weeks,” according to Mark Zuckerberg’s people.

Download Facebook Messenger iOS (Free)

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