Download Dolphin Browser for iPhone 7.2

Stability and performance improvements, Evernote optimizations, Google desktop view

One of the best web browsers money can buy (and this one’s free), Dolphin Browser for iPhone version 7.2 is out with some much needed stability and performance improvements, including some tweaks that should make Evernote users very happy.

Dolphin Browser users have been whining about some bugs lately, but MoboTap has been on the case.

“Stability and Performance” is the focus of today’s 7.2 update, and the changelog begins with a quick note for Evernote users. Dolphin now keeps your text format correctly while saving selected text to Evernote.

Furthermore, a confirmation dialog of saving passwords will only appear when it’s actually necessary. Also, now works in desktop view, according to MoboTap. All good news so far.

Lastly, Dolphin pages now display correctly without mosaic while scrolling.

Download Dolphin Browser for iPhone (Free)

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