Download CrossOver 12 with New Mac Driver

Windows programs no longer have to use the X Window System

CodeWeavers has released CrossOver 12 which now incorporates the company’s experimental Mac Driver which frees Windows programs from the X Window System, for interaction with the screen and keyboard.

The developers caution that the Mac Driver feature is currently experimental. CodeWeavers also confirms that it “will become the way all CrossOver applications work on OS X in the future.”

CrossOver is now based on Wine 1.5.15 and has improved font handling for fonts used by certain applications, while the built-in web-browser will offer to download and install ActiveX controls.

Application support adds World of Tanks, Quicken 2013 and other titles, and the program now has sub-pixel font anti-aliasing. This and tons more features can be found in the new CrossOver 12 for Mac.

The software requires OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or newer and around · 200MB of available disk space. A trial version is available - good for 14 days of use, restriction-free. The full app sells for $59.95 / €45.

Download CrossOver Mac

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