Download Clean Memory Disk for OS X, Now Free

Utility cleans both inactive memory and partially active memory

Clean Memory Disk, a Mac utility for purging your computer’s RAM, is now free to download. You’ll need OS X 10.7 Lion to use it.

Its developer calls it “the most competent memory cleaner on the market,” as it not only cleans the inactive memory of your computer, but also partially active memory.

Clicking the “Free Memory” button several times can release more memory, according to Shan Qiang.

Clean Memory Disk monitors the RAM usage at all times and offers a “Setup” window where you can enable the “Auto Start” feature, as well as set up a critical value.

“… when the inactive memory greater than the critical value it will auto release so you needn't monitor the memory usage by yourself,” according to the developer. Qiang advises users not to set the critical value too low.

Download Clean Memory Disk for Mac OS X (Free)

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