Download Battery HD+ Pro for iPhone, iPad

Battery meter tool lets you know how many hours you have left for every activity

Santiago Lema has released Battery HD+ Pro 2.32, an improved version of the developer’s battery monitoring tool for iPhone and iPad users.

Touted by its makers as “the perfect battery monitor for your iPhone, iPod or iPad,” Battery Meter HD+ Pro lets you instantly know how many hours you have left for stuff like listening to music, watching video, talking, web browsing, 2D and 3D games, GPS, video chat, photos, recording video, and standby.

It alerts you when the battery is fully charged and allows you to “fine-tune your battery health level to get more accurate estimates,” according to the maker.

It’s supported on all iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad models that can handle iOS 5.0, “displaying the correct values for each one and is regularly updated as new devices come out,” says Santiago Lema.

A new version is available with fixes and enhancements that promise a much better experience, but I’d encourage you to grab the free version first, just so you’re not disappointed.

Download Battery HD+ Pro for iOS

Download Battery HD+ for iOS

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