Download BIT.TRIP RUN! for iPhone and iPad

A rhythmic platformer where you run, jump, slide, and kick

Gaijin Games has released BIT.TRIP RUN, a rhythm-based platformer where you run through surreal environments and perform series of actions (jump, slide, kick) to reach a goal.

The screenshots don’t do the game justice, I can tell you this right now. Seeing it in action gives you a much better idea of how cool it is. You can play as one of eight allotted characters in 30 normal levels across three luscious worlds. 12 Challenge levels are included, and 15 other levels are called Retro (for obvious reasons).

BIT.TRIP RUN! hasn’t even properly launched in the App Store and Gaijin is already bragging about what it’s going to deliver in the next update.

Goodies to look out for include two new worlds, 20 new levels, eight more challenges, “10 retro madness” (whatever that means), and two new boss fights. Sounds awesome! Download BIT.TRIP RUN! for your iOS 6 device and enjoy.

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