Download Alien VS People – Strategic Action Game for iOS

Cycloid, the one-eyed alien, has invaded planet Earth

Nowcom Co. Ltd. has released Alien VS People, a fun-looking game for iPhone and iPad that combines strategy and action gameplay elements, according to its developers.

As the story goes, Cycloid the one-eyed alien has invaded Earth with evil plans in mind. The story becomes even more cliché as a farmer comes across a crystal that gives him and a few others some super powers that they can now use to defeat the one-eyed space monster.

“It is time to go on a journey for blocking the alien invasion of Earth with special characters that have incredible power,” says Nowcom.

The 2D side-scrolling game is free to play but has episodic contents and characters to unlock and upgrade (read “in-app purchases”), as well as a bunch of mini games between levels.

Alien VS People works with pretty much all iDevice models and requires iOS 4.3 or later. The makers say the game is natively supported on the iPhone 5, but the screenshots say otherwise.

Download Alien VS People (Free)

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