Download Actions for iPad 1.0.2

Now you can store your texts passwords, numbers, links, signatures and code snippets

Actions, a productivity tool which controls apps running on your Mac or PC from your iPad, now features Snippets, the ability to save and import sets, a target system redesign, and some important fixes.

Actions offers shortcuts that allow users to quickly copy and paste text, read their email, open web pages, control the media player, etc.

Version 1.0.2 brings Snippets, “the first of a long series of new action types,” according to Usefool Apps.

The Snippets feature allows users to store their texts passwords, numbers, links, signatures and code snippets for easy pasting. It goes the same for your computer’s clipboard too.

Users can now save all their sets via iTunes' file sharing. Importing is just as easy. And there are new options for the targeting system, improved functionality and “intellegibility,” according to the developers.

Users are told that they must update the Actions Server before using the new features. The full list of bug fixes can be found in the changelog, here. Download Actions for iPad (iOS 4.3 minimum) at the link below.

Download Actions for iPad

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