Downgrading iTunes 11 Is Not as Easy as You’d Think

You might actually want to reconsider and try to appreciate what’s new

Dismayed iTunes users who wish to downgrade to version 10 may want to think twice before attempting to re-install an old version of the media player and digital storefront application.

If you’re determined to switch back to iTunes 10 but don’t want to lose your library and any assets tied to iTunes on your Mac or PC, be prepared to take a deep dive.

You’ll need to download three packages, one of which is the actual iTunes 10.7 DMG. The remaining downloads are two utilities that will help you inspect the DMG and clean your Mac of any iTunes 11 remnants, respectively. Those are Pacifist and AppZapper.

You’ll also need to have your system backed up before attempting anything, and note that the process is different between platforms – the Windows process is a whole other story.

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