Don’t Update to iOS 7.1 If You Rely on Nested Folders

Apple silently kills off bug that allowed users to put folders within folders

It took Apple a while to give users the option to create folders for their apps, and when it finally happened, people realized that iOS suffered from a bug that actually let them place a folder inside another folder.

If you’re dependent on this feature, like Rebecca here was, don’t update to iOS 7.1. According to TUAW, Apple has patched this rather convenient flaw.

Then again, iOS was never meant to be used like this. Plus, iOS 7.1 comes with a nice dose of new features and enhancements that you don’t want to pass on, as an avid iPhone/iPad user.

In fact, let me give you a piece of advice and help you declutter your iPhone’s Home screen. The first step is to admit to yourself that you really don’t need all the apps that are installed on your handset. Go ahead and take your time admitting it. I’ll be here waiting with the next paragraph containing step #2.

Ok, now that you’ve come to your senses and realized that half of the apps on your iPhone are useless, go ahead and delete these apps. And if you need one of them again someday, just hit the cloud icon in front of that app in the App Store’s Purchases tab and boom! it’ll be installed right back on your device.

Bottom line, forget the Inception folders and just install iOS 7.1. If not for the features, then at least for the security fixes it delivers.

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