Don’t Trust This Email Claiming to Be from Apple, It’s a Scam

Malicious spam campaign uses mixed infection vectors

Webroot reports on the discovery of a dangerous spam campaign targeting Apple customers with fake Gift Cards. Users are advised to be wary of any emails claiming to offer them free cash.

If common sense doesn’t tell you to raise an eyebrow when someone claims to be handing you free money, the security experts at Webroot have decided to highlight a dangerous scam making the rounds on the Internet.

They’ve stumbled upon a malicious spam campaign (an example is pictured above), which mixes the infection vectors “by relying on both a malicious attachment and a link to the same malware.”

In other words, “Users can become infected by either executing the attachment or by clicking on the client-side exploits serving link found in the emails,” according to Webroot.

For those of you who are into security stuff, the company’s blog post is chock full of geeky details about the threat.

For those who only care about staying on the safe side, simply delete the email (if you’ve been so lucky as to receive it) or, whatever you do, don’t interact with the attachment or the link inside it.

And always be skeptical about emails that sound too good to be true. In most instances, they are just that.

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