Don’t Expect Any iTV Event in March, Says Apple Pundit

According to Jim Dalrymple, Apple isn’t holding a TV-related event next month

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has released his predictions for Apple’s 2013 product roadmap (and beyond), claiming his industry checks have yielded information pertaining to a special TV-related event in March. Apple pundit Jim Dalrymple says the event is not happening.

Bringing into light an AppleInsider report citing Misek’s research note, Dalrymple (known for his terse “Yep” and “Nope” rulings on Apple rumors), said “Nope.”

It is worth noting that while Misek may or may not have trusted sources, Dalrymple is known to be very well connected.

Misek also said that, while the March event would only be “TV-related,” a fall event would actually yield the highly anticipated big screen TV from Apple.

The Cupertino giant does have a lot of winning factors on its side should it open the App Store to our living rooms. But playing Angry Birds on a bigger screen may not be enough to entice customers to buy a $1,000 / €1,000 device.

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