Display Menu OS X Lets You Change Your Display Settings with a Click

Handy utility also allows you to toggle mirroring, adjust the refresh rates, etc.

If you’re tired of constantly having to access System Preferences to toggle various display settings on your Mac, perhaps you should look into Milch im Gemüsefach’s Display Menu, a free utility that lets you do all that with a click from the menubar.

Apple leaves out a lot of settings from the OS X menubar, the convenient place on your desktop which many third-party utilities call home.

And so does Display menu, a free app which shows a status item in your menu bar that lets you change your display settings with one click (or two clicks, considering that you first have to select its menu).

Users can set the screen resolution, toggle mirroring, adjust the refresh rates, and access the HiDPI modes, depending on their display setup. The two small display Modes of the Retina MacBook Pro aren’t supported in the free version of the app.

Download Display Menu (Free)

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