Digg Released as iPad App with Reading Sync

Native experience for tablet owners, full iPhone 5 support and more

Digg, the one-stop shop for trending stories on the web, is now available as a native (Universal) iPad application. The new version also includes enhancements that apply to all iOS devices.

When Digg relaunched its first iOS client last month, the company pledged that it would ultimately build an experience that is native to each device. “The tablet is quickly becoming an important device for Digg users, and the iPad is leading the way, at nearly 30% of mobile visits to digg.com,” the company said in a blog post.

In other words, introducing Digg for iPad was a no brainer.

Digg 3.1 is now a universal app that works with all iDevices, and has been optimized for the iPad’s 10-inch display.

It arrives with “Reading Sync,” a feature that lets you pick up where you left off, a new ability to share articles via text, improved performance, and simplified navigation.

The app also displays full-screen on the new iPhone 5.

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