Developers Are Not Allowed to Sell Health Data from iOS

Apple changes the privacy rules for the next-generation iOS

It goes without saying that the HealthKit data collected by different apps in iOS 8 is private and can only be shared or used by the iPhone owner and their approved doctor or insurance company. However, Apple wants to make sure that there will be no privacy issues, so they've just tightened the rules in that regard. 
According to The Guardian, Apple has changed the rules of the game in their latest iOS 8 Beta. The tech giant has advised developers that their apps are not allowed to use the info provided by HealthKit in order to make money off it. There will be no bulk info sales to advertisers, data brokers or information resellers. 
However, data may be shared with third-party medical facilities for research purposes. Also, the developers are not allowed to have their apps access the info from HealthKit unless they are built specifically for fitness services or are linked to an external device like a bracelet, fitness band or other accessories. 
Apple may release their own iWatch smart device that may have plenty of sensors to measure the pulse, heart rate, calories burned and other medical-related info. The big reveal will come on September 9, the date when Apple has scheduled their big event of the Fall in Cupertino, California.

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